A New Degree for the Modern Digital Age

April 10, 2017
The M.S. in Data Science program provides a strong foundation in the science of Big Data and its analysis by gathering in a single program the knowledge, expertise, and educational assets in data collection and management, data analytics, scalable data-driven pattern discovery, and the fundamental concepts behind these methods.

Students who graduate from this two year master’s program will learn state-of-the-art methods for treating Big Data, be exposed to the cutting edge methods and theory forming the basis for the next generation of Big Data technology, and complete a project demonstrating that they can use fundamental concepts to design innovative methods for new application areas arising from business, government, security, medicine, biology, physical sciences, and the environment.

  • Program based on existing courses taught by regular faculty members who are leaders in their fields.
  • Joint program between Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Statistics, and Biostatistics
  • Key feature is a capstone project that makes the theoretical knowledge gained in the program operational in realistic setting.
  • Distance learning option via interactive video.