M.S. Students Present at the Inaugural M.S. Data Science Poster Fair

April 25, 2017

Congratulations to our Data Science M.S. students who presented their Capstone Projects at the inaugural Data Science M.S. Poster Fair. data_science_poster_fair_winners_edit_small.jpgTheir projects showed how Data Science can be applied to a wide range of topics, including social web, biology, medicine, statistical modeling, and scalable algorithms.

Shayesteh Kiaei and Akashy Kulkarni were both awarded the Best Poster Award.  Kiaei's poster, "Parametric Topic Modeling on Unit Hypersphere with Word Embeddings," focused on a form of text mining which discovers the main topics exhibited in a large collection of documents. Kulkarni's poster, "Trip Mode Prediction," looked into using SmartPhone sensors to develop a more robust classification system for data collected from GPS and accelerometers with a goal to help people find their destinations in a more effective manner.

All posters that were presented can be accessed below, including the two Best Posters from the fair.

  • "An epigenome correlation map using Infinium 450 DNA methylation array" by Qimeng Chen: PDF iconq_chen.pdf
  • "Outbreak Alert and Characterization Using Big Data" by Wei Chen: PDF iconw_chen.pdf
  • "Spatial-Temporal Analysis for Data Driven Decision Making" by Dhruv Dhokalia: PDF icond_dhokalia.pdf
  • "Investigation on Algorithmic Trading" by Qing Hu: PDF iconq_hu.pdf
  • "Using Fuzzy String Matching to Automate Importing Data to SQL Server" by Michael Justice: PDF iconm_justice.pdf
  • "Applying Neural Networks to Movie Recommendation" by Utkarsh Kajaria: PDF iconu_kajaria.pdf
  • "Parametric Topic Modeling on Unit Hypersphere with Word Embeddings" by Shayesteh Kiaei: PDF icons_kiaei.pdf (tied for Best Poster)
  • "Trip Mode Prediction" by Akshay Kulkarni: PDF icona_kulkarni.pdf (tied for Best Poster)
  • "Predict seizures in long-term human intracranial EEG recordings" by Feng Li: PDF iconf_li.pdf
  • "Ontology-based classification of social media text data" by Sasank Maganti: PDF icons_maganti.pdf
  • "Churn Prediction on Movielens" by Rohan Sadale: PDF iconr_sadale.pdf
  • "Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Event Classification" by Benjamin Sorenson: PDF iconb_sorenson.pdf
  • "Evaluating Apache Spark for unstructured communication and computation" by Ancy Tom: PDF icona_tom.pdf
  • "Learning to Classify DSTL Satellite Images" by Ting Wang: PDF icont_wang.pdf
  • "Optimizing Machine and Human Classifications in Citizen Science" by Marco Willi: PDF iconm_willi.pdf
  • "Multiple Imputation for Missing Values" by Yuemin Xu: PDF icony_xu.pdf
  • "Deep Learning for Micro-Array Based Cancer Classification" by Lijuan Zhong: PDF iconl_zhong.pdf