UMN REU Program on Big Data Kicks Off in June

May 17, 2017

On June 5, the UMN REU Program on big data will kick off, providing 10 students the opportunity to collaborate with CS&E faculty on active research. Participants will be closely mentored by these faculty, and students will be provided with supplemental activities to support their research endeavors and long-term professional and academic goals. These 10 students will be joined by 10 UMN undergraduate students to create a talented and diverse cohort.

The UMN REU Site program is focused on the computational methods for finding and visualizing patterns in big data that bring insight and understanding to other disciplines. In this 10 week summer program, students both local and national will come together to learn about big data, to participate in active research, and to receive professional development training.

To learn more, visit the UMN REU Website.